CONTEXT The influence of AI and machine learning on our life is increasing. But if you don't want to act according to incomprehensible scripts in the cloud, then configure yourself! Be Your Own Robot!

We're getting used to devices and scripts telling us what to do, and we're getting used to devices monitoring us and our data to tell us how we're doing. This initiative is no different. But at least you're in control. Not by indicating how you feel, but by defining the rules that define how you feel.

This project is part of the "Be Your Own Robot" initiative by Sander Veenhof. An initiative that aims to turn future scenarios into hands-on experiences, so we can grow a better understanding of the developments that are going to change our world subtly and radically at the same time.

Much of the thinking on the theme originated from the prediction that the age of augmented reality wearables is coming. When these devices will become more mainstraim, the way they control your is in-your-face, inescapable. That's not happening yet, but it makes sense to be prepared for such a future, and experience the essential changes it will bring using technology we can access in the present.

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