Let's assume that in a near future we'll slowly get used to wearing augmented reality wearables that will instruct us what to do and how to do it. It's highly probably that we're going to recieve a lot more guidance from cloud based automated systems that monitor us and our (data) environment through our semi-digital senses. The in-your-face instructions we'll be confronted with will have much more impact than the smartphone based guidance we're accustomed to today. With the cloud in control, we're at risk to live our life as human swarm robots.

It's time to develop a mechanism to remain in control - to be your own robot. The starting point is openness of the logic used to process our data, so you can understand and trace why decisions are being taken, and choose or adapt the behavioral rules that apply to yourself. The proposed system will consist of an augmented reality wearable showing you what to do, as a result of the rules and the continuous analysis of sensordata and cloud data originating from the other people present in the space.

Be Your Own Robot

Since AR wearables are not very mainstream yet, a connected smartphone interface functions as the configuration tool for the rules:

Although the ongoing developments in machine learning will probably lead to a less transparent mechanism controlling us, that doesn't mean that thinking about losing control is less relevant. There are more and more easy to use wearables on the market and sensors are being embedded in more and more devices. When enough data is aggregated, the majority of people will consider the output of these devices as useful, making it harder for critics to ask attention for the downside and risks of uncontrolled data sharing. This thought provoking experiment is a 'in your face' visualisation of the impact these seemingly innocent sensors might have on us in the future. With just a small set of rules, the project lets participants experience what it is like to act and to be monitored and controlled like a robot. With rules that are well defined but flexible enough, unexpected scenes might surprise participants as well as spectators.

info@beyourownrobot.com / last update: March 2018